5 Pool Maintenance Tips You Need During Fall

5 Pool Maintenance Tips You Need During Fall

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Another summer has come and gone. Hopefully, you and your family spent many happy hours swimming in your pool. Now, all that’s left for you to do is cover the pool and wait until next summer, right?

Not if you want to enjoy using your pool for a long time with fewer hassles. Here are our five favorite tips for pool maintenance.

Keep the Leaves Out

While the colors of the leaves in fall are nothing short of spectacular, they sure do create problems when it comes to pools. While it might seem more enticing to ignore the leaves rationalizing that more will only fall in, it’s best to remove them. Doing so will keep them from clogging your filters or causing problems with your equipment.

One reason to not allow leaves and debris to stay in your pool is that, if left unattended, they can actually stain the bottom of your pool. Not only that, algae can also begin to grow in your pool.

If your pool is still open, use a leaf skimmer every morning to remove any leaves. However, if you’re ready to close your pool or aren’t using it that often, consider placing the cover over the pool to keep debris out.

Clean the Pool Filter

Don’t forget to keep your filter clean from leaves and debris. Since you won’t be using your pool as often in the fall, it’s also safe for you to start reducing the use of your pump and filter.

In most cases, running them for 4-8 hours per day should be enough to keep your pool clean. Currently, there are three types of filters available: cartridge, sand, and diatomaceous earth.

To make things easy on yourself, consider purchasing a robotic pool cleaner. They do a great job cleaning and you can lessen how often you need to clean the pool and filter, while also reducing how many chemicals you need to put in your pool.

Watch Your Water Levels

Until you close your pool entirely for the season, you still have to be aware of your water levels. It’s an easy thing to miss due to lowered temperatures and less use, plus the water levels tend to evaporate at a slower rate in the fall.

It’s a chore one can easily forget about. However, if the water levels are too low, your pump could be damaged. It’s an expensive mistake that can easily be avoided.

Service Your Heater

If there’s something wrong with your heater, it’s smarter to find out in the fall than in the spring. Also, over the summer calcium scales can build up resulting in a less effective heating system.

Check your manufacturer’s manual to see when a professional should service it. If you lost your manual, call the manufacturer, ask your professional pool cleaning company, or do an online search to find a copy of the manual.

Fix Leaks and Cracks

Fall is a great time to fix any problems that have arisen over the summer. Have a professional team inspect your pool for any leaks or cracks that are starting to show and then schedule to have them repaired, before you close up the pool for the winter if possible.

The earlier you fix these problems, the less expensive they will be. Even better, pool companies are more readily available for work in the fall as their busy season has just ended.

Maintain your pool the right way. Contact our professional team to schedule your pool maintenance appointment today.