5 Most Common Pool Care Mistakes to Avoid

5 Most Common Pool Care Mistakes to Avoid

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Brand-new pool owners usually have two things on their mind – how much they can’t wait to jump in and the pressure of proper pool care.

There is no limit on the amount of fun you can have with your new pool, but there are some restrictions on how to take care of it.

Unfortunately, many pool owners neglect simple maintenance tasks or overdo others.

Don’t fall into these habits.

Here are the five most common pool care mistakes to look out for in your cleaning routine.

  1. Forgetting To Brush

Your pool’s automatic vacuum system will do a great job of picking up junk on the pool floor. Most will even climb the walls to fight algae or other materials, which don’t make it to the bottom.

However, there is nothing more effective for trouble spots than brushing the pool yourself. Such areas include steps, behind rails and ladders, and tight corners.

Pass the brush along the water line at the top of the pool as well.

  1. Not Checking Your Water Levels

Pool water is made of specific pH and alkaline levels, which keeps it clean and safe for regular use.

Your pH is better on the lower side than the higher, but you don’t want it to become too acidic. This can cause damage to materials, such as pool filters and pumps or the cleaner and heater. It may also damage some bathing suit prints or colors.

Water pH can be checked with a simple test using color strips in about five minutes.

The level of pH can help you determine if you need more or less alkaline levels to balance everything out and keep the pool water conditions stable.

  1. Keeping Your Pump Off

Many homeowners try to lower electric costs by cutting the use of air conditioning to the pool pump.

However, keeping your pump off may cause more financial problems in the long run if you have to deal with a green pool or broken filter.

Your pump should run for about seven hours a day to combat the dangers of algae growth. Run it regularly to keep the desired color of your pool.

Run it for a full 24 hours if you are trying to get your pool back to blue from green.

  1. Misuse of Algaecide

Don’t be the owner who only runs their pump for about 5 hours and then dumps extra algaecide in the water.

Remember, this chemical can reduce your chlorine level if applied too heavily.

This means you may actually be increasing the level of algae in your pool if you’re overdoing the algaecide. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the best results, or better yet, contact your professional pool cleaner for help.

  1. Not Accounting for Pets

There aren’t many things cuter than a happy pup swimming around in the pool, but their hair can be an ugly sight to see when clogging the filter.

Avoid this hair issue and other problems by skimming the pool right after your swim.

Then, check your system’s filters the following day to make sure nothing extra got caught.

Trust Your Local Pool Care Specialists

Knowing what not to do when it comes to pool care is not the same as knowing where to start.

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