5 Benefits of Hiring a Local Pool Cleaning Company

5 Benefits of Hiring a Local Pool Cleaning Company

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With over 10.4 million residential swimming pools across the country, it’s fair to say a good number Americans love to take a dive.

As a pool owner, you certainly know cleaning the pool is not even remotely as enjoyable as swimming. Keeping up with a pool cleaning regimen is taxing, so consider outsourcing the work to a professional.

When doing so, should you settle for a national firm or a local company?

In this article, we’re telling you why hiring a local pool cleaning company can be one of your best decisions this year. Read on!

  1. Better Understanding of Local Weather

Did you know the daily weather influences swimming pools, especially open-air pools?

Too much heat, for instance, can cause the free chlorine in your swimming pool to break down and evaporate as chlorine gas. In fact, 2 hours of intense sunlight can reduce the chlorine levels in your pool by 90 percent!

Hiring a local pool cleaning company ensures you’re getting professionals who have a solid understanding of your local weather. They’re in a better position to implement cleaning practices with the local weather in mind.

A national firm, particularly one with few customers in your area, may not take your local weather into account.

  1. Personalized Services

By practice, national firms are after bigger profits. They’re often under pressure to hit annual revenue targets to please their investors.

When money is the primary goal of business, customer service can take a hit and the cost of routine service can be substantial.

Once you schedule a pool cleaning with a national firm, they’ll get the job done most likely around their timetable and the follow up service may not be as adequate. Plus, getting a hold of them for immediate service can prove challenging.

On the other hand, local pool cleaning companies ride on a positive reputation to maintain and grow their customer base. They know very well doing a shoddy job is a sure way to lose a precious customer. Word of mouth is important to their business.

Expect a local cleaning company to offer you more personalized service, often customized to your schedule.

  1. More Than a Cleaning Service

The best local pool cleaning company will typically do more than clean the pool. It’s not uncommon for them to go the extra mile and perform basic maintenance practices. Even if they don’t, count on them to at least give you a heads up on the parts and equipment that may need attention.

Did you know proper pool cleaning and maintenance can increase the lifespan of your pool by 50 percent?

  1. Pool Cleaning Tips and Advice

You already know a nation firm has no time to do more than what you paid for.

When you hire local professionals, they’ll likely offer you advice and tips on how to clean and maintain the pool on your own. These tips will come in handy, especially when you don’t have the money to hire the pros. This will save you more money down the road.

  1. The Peace of Mind Is Priceless

Besides being your favorite hangout during summer, a swimming pool can improve your home’s market value.

It’s nice to rest easy knowing your swimming pool is in perfect condition all the time. There’s peace of mind knowing that professional cleaners are just a few miles out in case you need them urgently.

Hire a Pool Cleaning Company You Can Trust

Now that you know the benefits of hiring local pool cleaning professionals, no doubt you’re ready to look for the best in your locality.

If you’re in the Riverside or San Bernardino areas look no further. At Mirage Pool Services, we’re all about taking the guesswork out of pool cleaning.

Get in touch and let’s get your pool looking – and feeling – great.

Mirage Pool Services specializes in pool maintenance, equipment repairs and replacement, chlorine washes, draining pools and pool startups in the San Bernardino and  Riverside, California areas.

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